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Wong Hei Tung, Wilson

MPhil student

Email: 16483413@life.hkbu.edu.hk

Food is an essential part of my life. It enriches my way of seeing and experiencing the world. I grow, I eat, and I cook; there I find the fluid beauty and communication among food, nature and human. Just keep researching food, I find more reasons to work hard and play hard, particularly in Hong Kong and Japan. My ultimate dream is combining my research and restaurant together in building a food ecological system of my place.

Favorite Quotations:

‘But we hold several threads in our hands, and the odds are that one or other of them guides us to the truth. We may waste time in following the wrong one, but sooner or later, we must come upon the right.’

------------------Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles



-------------------太宰治 <<トカトントン>>

The Cultural Politics in Food Journalism of Hong Kong

This project seeks to flesh out the up-to-date development of food journalism in Hong Kong through the angle of mass journalism from a cultural perspective. Considering the impact of foodie journalism on cultivating the mainstream food trend, re-circulating media power, and producing new mode of collusive food journalism—traditional journalists + mass journalists, I seek to trace how changing economic, social and technological conditions in Hong Kong foodscape have given rise to the democratization of food media. As I shall demonstrate, this phenomenon helps reflect how different amateur journalists accumulate power and challenge the roles of traditional food critics and journalists with the aid of social media, and at the same time, how democratization is mediated within the triangle of food industry, media and marketing institutions (i.e. PRs, OpenRice, Marketing companies, TV) and journalists (foodies). In turn, a more holistic view of contemporary food trend in Hong Kong as mediated by the mass food media/journalism will be unearthed.