The course provides an interdisciplinary study of creative writing and other media and investigates how both traditional literary narratives and new textual genres interact with as well as are made possible by other media and arts, such as film, music, performance, visual arts, computer game, and the internet. It explores the dynamic relations between creative writing and media in contemporary artistic productions. Through diverse methodological approaches to inter-medial inquiry, the course investigates multiple forms of interaction between writing and non-print media, including adaptation, appropriation, transposition, transfer, recycling, grafting, recontextualization, intertextualization, transmedialization, and transcreation. It offers perspectives to refine our understanding of how inter-medial creations engage their audiences and stimulate creative responses, and how their interaction shapes their techniques of representation, strategies of communication, and negotiate their formats, and contents. The studies of creative writing and other media examine their aesthetic, and political stakes, and search for new ways of engaging with embodiment, agency, and technology.


Creative Writing and Non-Print Media