This course aims to introduce students to the concepts of ethnic identity through different kinds of media representation. It explores the politics and dynamics of ethnic identity formation, drawing on the experiences of various ethnic groups from Hong Kong, China, and other places. We examine representations of ethnicity in the commercial and independent media, investigate what influences these representations, and consider their repercussions. We also analyse how the idea of ethnic hierarchy informs our understanding of power and privilege related to media representation and stereotyping. Although the terms “race” and “ethnicity” are always used interchangeably and together, we will offer analytical distinction between the two terms by focusing on their ideological undertakings and social construction.. Focusing more on the Chinese contexts of ethnic representations, we address if the needs and interests of minority communities are being met by the mainstream media, and whether the minority may reinforce the identification of the ethnic majority in the media depiction. In addition, we ask if change in the diversity of media images is possible and what can be done to promote change for ethnic representation.


Media Representations of Ethnicity