CHOW Yiu Fai (周耀輝) is an award-winning song lyricist and prose writer, as well as a scholar in gender and cultural studies. Since the launch of his lyricist career in 1989, he has penned more than 1000 pieces of lyrics for pop artists in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China, winning numerous awards for his works. Chow’s prose works include Suddenly, Decades Ago; 7749: Forty-nine Exercises on Everyday Creativity; The Phobia Book; One Body, Two People; and  A Long Long Farewell. The last title received a Recommended Prize in 13th Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature.  

In the last years, Chow has co-founded two non-profit-making organizations, intent to support younger generations of people interested in creative arts. Renaissance Foundation Hong Kong and Every Life Is a Song, of both Chow is a board member, have been running projects funded by CreateHK, Jockey Club, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and so forth.

Guided by his research interests in gender politics and creative practices, Chow has published multiple research articles. His monograph on single women is published by Palgrave, titled Caring in Times of Precarity: A Study of Single Women Doing Creative Work in Shanghai. His co-authored work Sonic Multiplicity: Hong Kong Pop and the Global Circulation of Sound and Image, is published by Intellect. Chow is currently completing his research project on single women and ageing, and a book on pop music.

Prof. CHOW Yiu Fai (award-winning song lyricist, prose writer, and cultural studies scholar)

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