WONG Kwok Kui (黃國鉅) is a playwright who composed Luting (盧亭) / Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour 1-3 (漁港夢百年) (2014-18), a tetralogy that explored Hong Kong’s colonial history from the perspective of Luting, a folkloric “merman” figure (3.1). Critic Gareth K. Vile described Luting as “a political parable” with “the energy of a ritual, or a community performance reminding the audience of their own heritage;” it received a 5-star review in The List (UK). A scholar of philosophy, Wong engaged Hong Kong politics through dramatic action and historical context infused with Chinese theatrical traditions, such as his play No News Is True News (2018) about press freedom in Hong Kong. This practice-based research was awarded prizes for best playwright, best production, and best actress in the 2019 Hong Kong Drama Awards.

Dr. Wong Kwok Kui (playwright)

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