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The MA in Creative Writing for Cultural Professionals 文化專業創意寫作文學碩士 (MACWCP) is the world’s first bilingual MA creative writing programme
in English and Chinese. Taught by award-winning writers and other cultural professionals, this programme emphasizes cultural diversity and
encourages students to think critically and creatively across different languages. By “cultural professionals,” we refer to individuals working
or aspiring to work in the creation, research, interpretation, management, dissemination, and/or promotion of arts or culture at large,
which may include writers, publishers, editors, curators, arts and heritage professionals, designers, filmmakers, music industry professionals,
community leaders, activists, journalists, teachers, media strategists, and other professionals in the cultural and creative industries.

Award-Winning Writers
Academic staff of the MACWCP are published writers, industry professionals, and leading researchers in areas including:
Fiction, non-fiction
Writing for screen, theatre and performance
The theory and teaching of creative writing, creativity and composition

Writers from all around the world have attended the writing workshops at HKBU. Our graduates will be equipped with the skills to tackle social issues, promote community development, and address personal anxiety through creative writing.

View our staff and visiting writers!

Featured Projects

Academic staff within the MA program are also published authors in genres such as creative non-fiction, graphic memoir, poetry and fiction.


The writing courses of our programme are taught in relation to history, politics, theory, and philosophy, as well as media studies, gender studies, and cultural studies.


Applicants should possess a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification, and meet the language requirements in both English and Chinese.


Dr. Tong Yui

Associate Professor;
Director, MACWCP

Dr. Patrick Holland

Assistant Professor;
Associate Director, MACWCP

Prof. Chow Yiu Fai

Lyricist, Essayist, Poet

Mr. James Shea

Associate Professor;
Director, CPW;
Associate Director, IWW
Poet, Writer, Translator

Dr. Kam Yip Lo, Lucetta

Associate Professor
Writer, Gender Studies Researcher

Dr. Tse Hiu Hung, Dorothy

Associate Professor
Novelist, Translator

Mr. Yan Pat To

Art Director, Reframe Theatre
Script Writer
Part-time Instructor

Mr. Ernest Ip

Editor-in-Chief, magazine "Sample"
Writer, Editor and Translator
Part-time Instructor

Mr. Chan Sai-lok

Founder, freewalkin
Artist, Writer
Part-time Instructor

Dr. Leung Shing Him

Art Director, Class 7a Drama Group
Script Writer
Part-time Instructor

Dr. Michael Leung

Author of fictions, thesis novel
Part-time Instructor

Mr. Felix Chan

Producer, Reframe Theatre
Part-time Instructor

Visiting Writers

Every year, our university invites many writers to participate in the International Writers' Workshop (IWW), Creative and Professional Writing Programme (CPW), and Chinese Writers' Workshop (CWW). The following writers have been invited as guests in recent years.