Gender Studies Concentration


As one of the offering departments, HMW helped launch the Gender Studies Concentration (GSC) in Semester 2, 2016/17. It is the first Gender Studies Concentration in Hong Kong, co-offered by the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Gender Studies Concentration aims at delivering a unique opportunity for students to add breadth to their major studies, through being exposed to the way gender intersects with a variety of spheres of knowledge, power relations, and professional settings.

The GSC is open to all undergraduate students at HKBU. As a potential HMW student, you are cordially encouraged to use the courses you take to claim the concentration. Please see concentration requirements as follows:


Structure of the Concentration



One required course


Six elective courses 


Total Units



Required Course (to be offered in every Semester 2, starting from AY 2017/18

GEND 3005 Gender, Society, Culture 


Elective Course 

​A list of currently offered electives will be released on GSC's website at the beginning of each semester.


For more information about the Concentration, please access the GSC’s website HERE.