Humanities – Undergraduate Admission

Broad-based Admission System

Starting from the 2022/23 intake, the previous Faculty of Arts offers a broad-based Programme with five Major Programmes. Under the broad-based admissions system, students will spend their first year of study exploring different Arts disciplines. Then, towards the end of their first year, they will choose the Major they would like to study.

You may find further details about the admission from the website of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Academic Registry.


Senior Year Admissions

Eligible candidates could apply for direct entry to Year 3 of our Humanities programme. For more information, please click here.

A Note to International Students interested in our programme

Chinese language is a requirement for admission, since our programmes are bilingual in aims, objectives, programme learning outcomes, and delivery.  If you have Chinese proficiency, you will enjoy the programme and its special intellectual training that opens you up to both local arts and culture as well as an emphasis on international outlook.  But you do not have it, or have a lower level of proficiency, you are still welcome to apply to us.


For qualified international students, a special tailor-made arrangement will be considered to admit them, using one of the following two options, subject to mutual agreement:


  1. Use Directed Independent Study to replace the core courses approved for Chinese language of instruction;
  2. Use comparable courses in subject matter from HMW’s elective courses, or courses drawn from other Departments (e.g. English, Translation, Religion and Philosophy, etc., subject to agreement from those Departments), to replace the core courses approved for Chinese language of instruction.