Courses offered in Humanities Programme

Course Code Title
HUMN 4066
Disability, Culture and Technology

The course aims to: (1) introduce students to the field of Critical Disability Studies as an area of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural analyses; (2) look at different dimensions of disability and acquaint students with a range of issues addressed by critical disability studies; and (3) prepare students with opportunities to understand and engage with the complex nature of the relationship between disabilities and their social, cultural, economic and political dimensions.


HUMN 4898 / 4899
Honours Project
Student will have to submit a Honours Project topic in Year II. The Project will run throughout the summer of Year II to Year III, earning 3 units each semester. The completed work will be of approximately 7,000- 10,000 words in English or 10,000-15,000 characters in Chinese. Students will have a Programme’s Honours Projects Handbook listing all the rules, requirements and guidelines as well as detailed information on the Project including topic selection, form and style, assessment, and other data. The Projects will take into account the process assessment.
WRIT 3006/HUMN 3016
Professional Writing Practicum: Essentials of the Craft Writing

This course aims to (1) enable students to cope with the writing tasks in the commercial and public fields of employment in Hong Kong; (2) help student grasp and understand the functional forms of writing in both English and Chinese; and (3) teach students the intellectual and practical skills necessary for effective communication in the commercial field.