Courses offered in Creative and Professional Writing Programme

Course Code Title
WRIT 4015/HUMN 4027
The Double Face of Creativity: Fact and Fiction

This course aims to demonstrate the interrelationship between fact and fiction in the writing of creative work through the examination and discussion of historical fiction. While it is generally believed that fact and fiction are two different and sometimes even opposite approaches to writing, this course hopes to show that they are two sides of the same coin. Through a study of historical fiction, students will see the creative aspects of critical research, and how being critical is an important step towards creativity.


WRIT 4016
Writing Diaspora in a Global World

The course aims to provide students with a critical understanding of diaspora writings in Chinese and English in a globalizing world from historical, cultural and political perspectives. It exposes students to important works and issues of diaspora writing in different genres and enhances their ability to analyze the cultural politics and writing strategies in different works.


WRIT 4017
From Sacred Books to Sampling: Authorship in Creative Writing and Digital Arts

This course will explore theories of authorship throughout history to the present with a view to enhancing students' understanding of their own creative writing or artistic practice.  Works of literature (poems, novels, plays, etc.), religious scripture, music (including electronic music), cinema, video games and digital arts generally will be discussed.  The course will provide students with a foundational understanding of the ways in which texts have traditionally been attributed to authors, and how this attribution has affected both their composition and reception.


WRIT 4898 / WRIT 4899
Honours Project

This course aims to engage students in independent research on an academic topic or the production of a creative work under the guidance of teaching staff throughout an academic year.